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Themes From The Sea CD

Themes Of The Sea is a compilation of easy listening & meditative melodies. I hope you will find in this music a backdrop for your own sense of inspiration, rejuvenation and creativity..
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Piano for Quitters

Piano for Quitters DVD

Millions of Americans have taken piano lessons and quit! The culprit is rigid teaching methods that make students wait months, even years, before they truly make music. In this video, Mark Almond teaches you how to play beautiful music in literally minutes.
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Piano for Life DVD
Piano for Life DVD

Now you can get top-quality piano lessons---without leaving home! Mark Almond eliminates the "boredom factor" that causes millions of would-be musicians to give up too soon. Students learn to play beautiful music through basic principles of chords and harmony---and they're on their way! Three DVDs, 4.5 hours total.
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Just For Fun Piano, 2013 Schedule
Location Date, Time

Bend, OR

Wed, Jan 16th
Portland, OR Sat, Jan 19th
Centralia, OR Sat, Jan 26th
Salem, OR Sat, Feb 9th


"How to Improvise on the Piano - A no stress, healthy way to learn piano."

How to Improvise on the Piano, 2013 Schedule
Location Date, Time
Portland, OR Sat, Jan 19th


"Rochlin’s seminar includes a lot of music theory shortcuts. His seminar informs the brain. In three hours you can learn the basic keyboard concepts of octaves, constructing a chromatic scale, forming various types of chords and adding the melody line."

Tucson Citizen
Tucson, AZ


"Learning to play the piano does not have to be torture. Throwing difficult scales and theory aside, Donn Rochlin teaches students how to play simple chords by feeling them on the keyboard!

This system gives novices and even experienced players a new kind of freedom."

The Portland Oregonian
Portland, OR


"Students take home plenty of musical information they can sort out on their own without a big investment of time and money."

Glendale Star
Glendale, AZ


"This class is packed with useful information and will be a great asset to the novice as well as the experienced musician."

The Sedona Red Rock News
Sedona, AZ

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