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Themes From The Sea CD

Themes Of The Sea is a compilation of easy listening & meditative melodies. I hope you will find in this music a backdrop for your own sense of inspiration, rejuvenation and creativity..
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Piano for Quitters

Piano for Quitters DVD

Millions of Americans have taken piano lessons and quit! The culprit is rigid teaching methods that make students wait months, even years, before they truly make music. In this video, Mark Almond teaches you how to play beautiful music in literally minutes.
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Piano for Life DVD
Piano for Life DVD

Now you can get top-quality piano lessons---without leaving home! Mark Almond eliminates the "boredom factor" that causes millions of would-be musicians to give up too soon. Students learn to play beautiful music through basic principles of chords and harmony---and they're on their way! Three DVDs, 4.5 hours total.
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A voice from a gadget

Books... They accompany people all their lives, being their constant companions, helping to solve difficult problems and deal with difficult situations. But our favorite books are not always at hand. And then to the aid of our society comes the progress, replacing first our usual paper book format to electronic, and then, in fact - to the sound. Disputes about the benefits and harms of audio books are gaining momentum every year, but let's figure out together if the "book wars" are justified.

When did the first audiobooks?

And it happened in the early XX century. They were completely free and were intended exclusively for the blind and visually impaired. As you can understand, this is not an invention of the last decade. Think back to your childhood: you, too, had your parents play fairy tales on vinyl records. Since then, little has changed. They have simply been replaced by new technology, which has only changed the media and the means of reproduction. Media can now include CDs or external hard drives, as well as the familiar flash disks. And the ways of playback and even more: computers, tablets, smartphones, MP3-players.

Separately, we can select special toys for children with the function of playing audio files. With their help, babies at any time independently can listen to your favorite rhymes and fairy tales, simply by pressing the "cherished" button. Take, for example, nightlights. Many of them have "flash drives" for a few gigabytes to download fairy tales, songs and even mom's favorite voice.

So, like any invention, audiobooks have their advantages and, of course, disadvantages. Today we'll talk about how to get the maximum benefit for the development of children and avoid possible negative consequences of communicating with the "voice from the gadget. Let's divide all audiobooks into several target audiences: for kids, preschoolers, schoolchildren and teenagers.

Let's start with audiobooks for kids. Among them, the most popular and in demand are audio fairy tales, audio plays, audio poems and audio sweats. At this age, children are actively developing and learning about the world around them, and an important part of their exposure to literature. Psychologists and educators recommend introducing them to short rhymes, songs and nursery rhymes, since they are best digested by babies. And of course fairy tales! Children of all ages love to listen to fairy tales. The moment they are introduced to fairy tales symbolizes a new stage in a child's life, when they develop their imagination, enrich their vocabulary, improve their memory and differentiate between good and evil.

What are the benefits of audio books for babies, and is it?

First, you can listen to audio books at home and on the walk, on the road, on a long trip, in a queue at the clinic or the mall, when you just need to distract and entertain a tired child. Agree that no parent can hold in his head dozens of fairy tales and rhymes, and carry a mountain of books with you everywhere is simply unrealistic.

Secondly, audiobooks can serve as a great alternative to cartoons and simultaneously "wand" many parents, who periodically include their children, to reliably occupy them for some time. And at the same time read to your baby books and do different things - a nearly impossible task.

Third, audio books do not overload the nervous system and do not damage the eyesight. In addition, the child has to imagine the described stories in his head, not just look at ready-made pictures. This means that their imagination works "full throttle.

Fourth, audio books can be selected for any mood and to any taste. You can choose quiet tales before bedtime, and during the day - funny and mischievous.

The culprit is rigid teaching methods that make students wait months, even years, before they truly make music.

In this DVD, Mark Almond teaches you how to play beautiful music in literally minutes. It's not a gimmick. It's the holistic approach based on chords and harmony, that helped the composers and pianists of the past learn much faster than students learn today.

  • Enjoy a practical insightful approach that quickly enables you to play with freedom and emotion.
  • Learn the simple rules of harmony while playing beautiful music - independent of music notation.
  • Clear explanations and demonstrations of the standard chord symbols used by professionals - without technical terms.
  • Designed for beginning students as well as those who would like to be less dependent on note reading.
  • For piano and all keyboards. An ideal foundation for all styles of music: classical, pop, jazz, etc.
  • The DVD "Piano for Quitters" is a helpful introductory volume to Mark's "Piano for Life" series.
Piano for Quitters

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